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In the News: So You Think He Can Dance?

There's always that one song that seems to get everyone out on the dance floor to show off their sweetest moves. No matter the music, it's always interesting to see who has some serious dance talent, and whose is questionable. There has been speculation that men who are good dancers may also have some good moves in the bedroom. While scientists can't say that for sure, they have found that women who view men to be good dancers also find them to be more attractive!

Scientists at the British university of Northumbria have unlocked the male dance moves that catch a woman’s eye. The researchers recorded 19 dancing male volunteers using 3D motion-capture technology. The images were then turned into blank, generic avatars and shown to a panel of women to rate their moves. The dances that women perceived to be the most attractive were ones involving large, varied movements involving the neck and trunk. Lead psychologist Dr. Nick Neave explained, “This is the first study to show objectively what differentiates a good dancer from a bad one. Men all over the world will be interested to know what moves they can throw to attract women". 

So guys, if you really want to impress the ladies- don't work on some cheesy pick-up line, start working on your dance moves! The Rec Center even offers several dance-based classes like Hip Hop, Breakdance, and Ballet for Jocks. Get your booty shakin' and you may be finding love on the dance floor!