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In the News: The Homesick Blues

You're finally moved in, unpacked, and have had nearly a week to get accustomed to the hectic life of Hopkins. Now that the excitement has slowly worn off, you may begin to feel the pangs of homesickness. Missing family, friends, and the routine of your old life is normal. In fact, a study published in the American Academy of Pediatrics declares the feeling of homesickness as a spontaneous emotion. The authors define homesickness as "distress and functional impairment caused by an actual or anticipated separation from home and attachment objects such as parents".

There's no need to feel weak or childish for missing home. You spent 17+ years with your family! It's expected that you may feel anxious or sad as you adjust to your new environment. Those feelings stem from our subconscious desire to feel taken care of and secure. When thrown into new surroundings you may have trouble finding that same comfort which causes you to miss a place where you used to receive it- at home. You may just be missing a sense of normalcy. For more on homesickness, click here.

Give yourself time to adjust. Look for outlets on campus that engage you and make you feel like a part of something. A great place to do this is at the Student Activities Fair held tomorrow (Friday, 9/3) from 2:00-5:00pm in the O'Connor Rec Center. Meet new people and learn about new clubs that will make you feel right at home. If the separation anxiety gets to be too much, feel free to reach for the phone to hear a familiar voice. There is also confidential counseling available at the Counseling Center to help you as you start your new adventures. It's a big change now, but eventually Hopkins will feel like home!