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SEE for Yourself on Monday!

SEE Tip: Do you wake up several times during the night? Avoid eating large meals within 2 hours of bed. Your metabolism slows down when you sleep, so it is more difficult to digest foods that you consume right before bed. Eating a large meal within 2 hours of bedtime can cause you to wake during the night. If you get the late night munchies, choose a light snack instead and rest easier. To learn more, click here.

Quit Tip from HKB: Worried about gaining weight by quitting smoking? While smoking can curb your appetite for the most part, it may make you more likely to reach for unhealthy foods when you do eat. One healthy decision can lead to more, so smoking cessation may lead you to take better care of your dietary habits as well. If weight gain is still a concern for you, follow some of these tips to stay on track!

Minimize Monday: This week you can be the environmental and humanitarian change you wish to see in the world by donating your partially used soaps. Everyone has half used bar soaps around gathering dust that are usually thrown in the trash. Make a small change by donating your used and non-used bar soap to Clean The World, a non-profit organization that works to prevent disease in developing countries by gathering used soap, sanitizing it and redistributing it in other parts of the world. To learn more about this topic, and where to send your soap, click here.