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In the News: The Elusive Female Condom

Sexually active or not, you've probably had at least some education on the male condom. The female condom, however, is not as well known. In fact, many have never seen or possibly even heard of one before.
In Washington DC, community groups are putting female condoms back on the map of sexual health.

Studies from DC recently noted that 3% of the city's population over the age of 12 has HIV or AIDS. This puts them well above the 1% prevalence necessary to call this a severe epidemic. In attempts to protect the community, groups have launched a campaign encouraging the awareness and use of female condoms among the sexually active. Between handing out female condoms, CVS sales, and ads via website and transportation, the hope is that greater education and access to protection will result in greater use. The point is not to discourage the male condom by any means, but to offer options. While the program is still in its pilot stage, cities such as New York and Chicago have already began similar campaigns. To learn more, click here.

Remember, it's your sex life! Stay in control and always use protection. It's important to get yourself tested regularly to keep yourself and your partners knowledgeable. The Student Health and Wellness Center offers free or low-cost STD testing. Just call 410-516-8270 to schedule an appointment for testing. Unfamiliar with the female condom yourself? Learn more here!