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FYI: And if you don't know, now you know

If you check out this blog, then you must have some clue about the Center for Health Education and Wellness. But, do you know the difference between CHEW and the Student Health and Wellness Center?

Yes, there is a difference!

The Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC) provides high quality, confidential clinical health care to students of the Homewood campus community. The clinic is located on the terrace level of AMR II, near the entrance to FFC. The health care staff consists of board certified/eligible physicians, nationally certified nurse practitioners, a licensed nurse, medical assistants/technologists, and a nurse mid-wife. They offer a broad range of free or low cost primary care services, including routine gynecologic care, immunizations, physicals, STI testing, and more! The staff also includes a nutritionist, massage therapists, and a herbalist for your wellness needs. The SHWC acts just as your regular primary care office at home. You can call them at 410-516-8270 to make an appointment to address your health care needs.

The Center for Health Education and Wellness (CHEW) is a branch of the Student Health and Wellness Center, but located in Levering Hall, Suite 115. We act as the health promotion and outreach arm of the SHWC to deliver awareness and prevention. Our mission is to provide health education programming and health promotion to the student population to foster a healthier JHU community. We offer a variety of programs and opportunities that support and affirm student health and wellness through the delivery of fun and interactive programming and outreach throughout campus. Our office consists of only two staff members, but we work with involved, health-minded students! You may have seen one of our student groups (PEEPs, HKB, or Stressbusters) or recognized one of our campaigns (SEE for Yourself, Stop@Buzzed, or Condom Sense), but perhaps you didn't realize they were related to CHEW. Look for us on campus with health materials and giveaways, or stop by our office to pick up some health information!

While different, both the SHWC and CHEW work together to help make Homewood a healthier, happier community! You stay healthy, JHU!