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Tip of the Week: Ready, Set, Lift!

Are you a cardio junkie? Do you incorporate weight or resistance training into your routine as well? Although aerobic training is important for your health and wellness, adding strength training may be more beneficial than you realize!

There are many great benefits to strength training that make it important to any workout: it boosts your stamina, reduces your risk of osteoporosis, builds and tones muscles, increases your resting metabolism, improves your posture, and builds strength- just to name a few! Even the CDC recommends that all adults get both aerobic and strength training several times a week for optimum health.

So, is it better to run first, or lift first? It depends on your goals! Most fitness experts agree that to burn fat and increase muscle development most efficiently, the best order is to weight train first and perform your cardio exercise at the end of your work-out. During weight training (an anaerobic exercise), your body runs through most of its glycogen stores. Once you begin your aerobic exercise, your body is forced to utilize body fat as a reserve source of energy. This order results in more of a total body workout. Of course, everyone is different, so be sure to stick to plans that are most comfortable for you. If endurance is your goal- then run, run away!