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SEE for Yourself... this week!

SEE Tip: Trouble sleeping at night? Hit the gym during the day. Many studies have shown that exercise during the day helps you fall asleep easier at night and enter a deeper level of sleep to make the most of those precious hours. To learn more, click here!

Quit Tip from HKB: Think cessation resolutions are only reserved for the New Year? Think again! According to an article in Psychology Today, July may actually be the best month to make commitments for change. If you've been thinking about quitting tobacco, make the pledge to quit now. You just may find it easier this time around!

Minimize Monday Wednesday: You don’t have to travel across the universe to get much needed rest and relaxation on vacation. Reduce CO2 emissions from long distance travel and put money into your local economy by vacationing locally. Maryland has plenty of exciting activities and outdoor adventures to offer. If you want to make an easy change in the way your summer lifestyle impacts the environment, choose Maryland or choose your home city as your summer vacation destination. For more information on the benefits of taking a “Staycation,” click here.