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FYI: Boost your Health, Boost your GPA

Based on the densely populated tables and computers at MSE Library you may think that the only way to achieve at Hopkins is through countless hours spent studying. Think again! A 2008 study from the University of Minnesota’s Boynton Health Service found that students with unhealthy behaviors had significantly lower GPAs. Additionally, a 2009 study from The College of New Jersey concluded, "students’ health and lifestyle decisions have the ability to influence their academic success". Turns out, a great way to get ahead of your peers may be to put greater focus on your health and well-being!

Whether decreasing stress, getting more sleep, or increasing physical activity, healthy behaviors have a huge impact on your performance as a student. Based on 2009 ACHA-NCHA data, the majority of factors that Hopkins students rank highest for negative social and academic impact were health related (lack of sleep, stress/anxiety, cold/flu/sore throat, and pregnancy to name a few!).

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