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Tip of the Week: Just Keep Swimming

With summer comes a whole lot of heat and humidity. A great way to keep cool while you exercise is to take it to the pool. Swimming is a total body work out that adds muscle strength while also testing your lung capacity and endurance. If running in the 90-degree weather is of no interest to you, swimming gives you many of the same benefits with lower impact on your joints, plus exercise in a much cooler temperature.

Since not everyone is a born Michael Phelps, start slow and work with strokes and activities that are right for you. As you get stronger, you can try out new stroke techniques and work different muscles at different paces. If you tire of laps, take a water aerobics class, or grab some friends for a few games of water volleyball, basketball, or even Marco Polo. No pool of your own? Many pools, hotels, or gyms offer daily or summer specials at a fraction of the cost. Check into your local YMCA or gym for a student summer package, or see if a nearby pool or hotel offers cheap day passes. Taking to the pool is a great summer exercise alternative. So dive in and get active- just don't forget your sunscreen!