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In the News: Ladies (in) First

Old School, Animal House, Road Trip, Beer Fest, The Hangover: All these movies portray men to be the leading culprits when it comes to binge drinking. However, new data from the Partnership for a Drug Free America suggests that it may be the ladies that are leading the 12-pack.

Based on an analysis of results from a survey on teen attitudes and behaviors, the number of middle- and high-school aged girls who report drinking has increased by 11% in the past year while the number of males has remained fairly steady. An additional study through Monitoring the Future found that while the number of males that report being drunk within a 30-day period has decreased by 25%, the number of females has only decreased by 1% since the first 1998 study. It appears that a reason for this behavior may be that females are more likely to use alcohol and drugs as an escape from stress and emotions. With growing pressures and easier access to alcohol, females may feel more at ease reaching for a bottle to deal with their feelings. To read more, click here.

If you choose to drink, remember that alcohol is not meant to be used as an escape or a crutch. In fact, it can do more harm to your body than usual when under emotional or physical stress. There are plenty of other ways to relieve stress without abusing alcohol!