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Weekend Sip Tip

Drinking fads. They come and go just as every other trend has the tendency to do. Some have gained legendary popularity- beer bongs, flip cup, etc - and others have faded to the wayside and are long forgotten. Whether fun or funny, games or strategy, some are just ridiculous, some are reserved for bros, but the majority are just downright dangerous. Consuming mass quantities of alcohol is already hazardous. Consuming mass quantities in a short amount of time puts you in extreme risk. Your liver can process only one standard serving size of alcohol per hour. Forcing too much alcohol on your body overwhelms your liver, brain, heart, and pretty much every other organ system you have. If you choose to drink, slow it down! Think of your drinking as a marathon, not a sprint. Enjoy your drinks, the social setting, your friends. Don't rush yourself into a drunken stupor. Just take it easy, Stop@Buzzed!

Oh, and as for the eyeball vodka shots, just don't do them. Seriously, that's a terrible idea.