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Tip of the Week: Take it outside!

No matter where the summer takes you- back home, still in Baltimore, somewhere new- take advantage of the wonderful weather and get active outside! Every state offers local outdoor activities that allow you to get some sun, bond with friends, beat summer boredom, and get some exercise. Make a list of things you would like to do and start Googling some nearby spots to check out.

Want to enjoy some scenery? Find a hiking trail. Grab your friends and your backpacks and enjoy the view with a picnic from atop a mountain. If you're an animal fan, maybe there are horseback riding trails. Enjoy the water? Many companies offer rafting, kayak, or canoe trips- some even offer water rafting and wine tasting tours! If you have a local reservoir or lake, look into renting your own water equipment. If you're an urbanite, check out local outdoor markets, festivals, or parks. There's biking, skating, swimming, sports leagues, surfing, tons of possibilities! While the cool breeze of AC may be hard to leave, enjoying these outdoor activities not only gets you physically active, but also makes for some great memories!