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Test Yourself: Sun and Skin Safety

We all know that it's important to wear sunscreen to protect ourselves from the harsh UV rays from the sun. Usually, we remember to apply when we plan on spending an extended amount of time outside. But even when just walking to and from class, your skin is exposed to these rays and is at risk for sun damage.

May is Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month. It is important to regularly check your skin for any warning signs of skin cancer. Carefully examine each mole and freckle using the ABCD's of skin cancer. Are your moles Asymmetric? Do they have irregular Borders? Do they have varying Color? Do they have a Diameter greater than 6mm? These are some of the potential warning signs that show you may need your mole examined by a doctor. Early detection is important to the prevention of skin cancer. Check yourself regularly. Test your knowledge of skin cancer here!