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Test Yourself: Relax!

Many of you may have completed all your finals and papers; others may just be winding down. Either way, you all have worked exceptionally hard for the entire year and now is your time to finally relax. In lieu of offering yet another quiz, we instead offer a challenge. We challenge you to spend the next week ignoring any stressors and focus only on relaxing.

Your body just underwent an enormous amount of pressure. Some of you may be sleep deprived, others sore and achy, and many so delirious that you don't even know how you feel. Most likely, your immune system is less defensive, your brain a bit fried, your muscles tense, and your body tired. Keep those things in mind as you plan ways to release that pent up stress.

For some, your first thought may be to reach for a beer (or more) and celebrate wildly, but recognize that your body is not in it's top form. A tired, tense body responds to alcohol much more quickly than usual. What you may usually be able to handle could hit you much harder, much faster. Plus, after a week of all-nighters, do you really need another late night?

Take this time to get your body back into it's healthy state. Catch up on sleep (it takes at least 2 days to get back into normal patterns), catch up with friends, exercise, go out for your favorite meal, get outside in the sun, get a massage, or lay around and watch some of your favorite movies and enjoy your time without stress. Challenge yourself to just relax- you deserve it! Congratulations on your year!