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SEE for Yourself on Monday!

SEE Tip: Fresh foods are packed with healthy fiber, vitamins, and nutrients that are good for both your body and mind. What may be more important, is what they are not packed with. Packaged and processed foods are often extremely high in sodium. In fact, roughly 77% of excess dietary salt comes from processed foods. By purchasing fresh, you are receiving a purer product without all the unnecessary extras. Instead of going the boxed route, make your own meal with local, fresh ingredients. Check out these surprisingly salty foods and the next time you go grocery shopping, think fresh!

Quit on Monday from HKB: Quit now, work later! With the state of the economy, recent graduates have found it increasingly difficult to find work. Want to get a leg up on some competition? Be a non-smoker. More employers are beginning to show preference to or even requiring non-smokers for their company. Just think about it; non-smokers take fewer breaks, take less sick days, and are generally healthier than their smoking counterparts. Commit to quit now and you may find a healthier and weathlier life ahead!

Minimize Monday: During summer months, one air conditioner can account for up to 60-70% of the total electricity used in a home. As the weather heats up, resist the urge to crank the AC all the way down. While giving up AC is not a viable option for many, consider setting the AC to a higher temperature. For every degree you raise your thermostat setting above 72 degrees F, you'll save 5-7% on your cooling costs. You will save money and minimize your environmental impact.