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In the News: The Pill... for Men?

Ironically, this past Mother's Day marked the 50th anniversary of the FDA's approval of the pill that has helped to prevent motherhood among millions of women. After half a century, the Pill is currently taken by over 12 million women, making it the most popular form of contraception in America. But what if the Pill was not only available to women, but also to men?

Science is getting close to developing a hormonal form of birth control specifically designed for men. While scientists were able to develop a medicine designed to halt the release of one egg in women, there has been greater difficulty in developing a way to prevent males from producing millions of sperm. Researchers have recently found promising results for this breakthrough during clinical trials of hormonal treatments. In fact, research is so promising that both the WHO and NIH are supporting additional trials. While it appears that the first potential form of male hormonal contraception will not be in pill form, but rather injections or gels, further studies are being done to develop a pill to control testosterone levels. It seems that before long, both men and women will have hormonal options available for their reproductive health. To learn more, click here.

It's important to remember that even though birth control is available, it is up to the user to utilize contraception properly. A recent study by the Guttermacher Institute found that nearly half of all unplanned pregnancies are due to lapses in birth control use. Ladies, check out these potential problems to ensure that you are protecting yourself properly.