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And the winners are...

Over a 4 week period, residents of campus housing participated in the “Step it UP Challenge”. The challenge encouraged students to increase their physical activity by tracking their daily steps using a pedometer. Step It UP also promoted the usage of stairs over elevators whenever possible, which not only improves health but also helps to reduce energy consumption. The challenge is over and the results are now in!

For most flights taken:
Team Freeman - 5,862 flights
Charles Commons, St Paul, 4th Floor
Leah Kim, Catherine Cryer, Darcy Wilson

For most steps:
Team Cook - 1,569,504 steps
Wolman 3East
Chi Kim, Jacob Rabadi, Stefany Gomez
RA of the winning floor:
Simran Hundal

Congratulations to all the winners and keep stepping UP!

The Step It Up Challenge is a joint collaboration between CHEW, Residential Life and the Sustainability Office.