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Weekend Sip Tip

Ah, Spring Fair weekend. The days many Hopkins students look forward to all year. The bands, the food, the vendors, and oh yes- the Beer Garden. Although monitored, any sort of gathering of large groups of people for the sole purpose of drinking can result in some bad situations. A simple visit to the Garden can start off harmless enough, but can easily snowball into a day full of drinking. Too many binge drinkers in too little space can lead to arguments, fights, injuries, or accidents. While Spring Fair is meant to be a time to have fun, don't let your time be tainted by a bad experience with alcohol. If you choose to drink, keep track of your drinks, drink plenty of water, and look out for your friends (and have them look out for you!). There's nothing wrong with letting loose and enjoying yourself, but even loose has its limits. Have fun, but be safe. Stop@Buzzed!

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