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Weekend Sip Tip

It's 2 a.m. on Saturday. Do you know where your laptop is? If you choose to host a party at your house, there's more to worry about than spilled beer. When you let strangers into your home, you open yourself up to becoming a potential victim of theft. Failure to lock up your valuables can provide an easy target to visitors with klepto tendencies. While it may not be possible to check every person at the door, take precautions before and after the party. Put electronics out of site and if you can, lock bedroom doors. Keep an eye out for guests that seem to be out of place from the rest of the party goers. Don't be shy about asking people who they know and asking uninvited guests to leave- it's your house, your rules! When the party's over, make sure all doors and windows are locked so you won't have after-hours intruders. When alcohol is involved, it's easy to lose track of things and forget about simple safety tips. The best way to stay safe? Stay alert, Stop@Buzzed!

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