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Tip of the Week: Pump up the Protein

Thanks to Rocky Balboa, nearly every movie that involves a motivational exercise montage includes a clip of the potential athlete downing a delicious glass of raw eggs. While it may be a bit gag-inducing, it does provide a point.

While every food group is important to your diet, protein is necessary for the repair and growth of muscles. When exercising, muscles have a tendency to tear slightly. Protein allows these muscles to repair, grow, and ultimately become stronger. Weight training exercise may leave you feeling extra hungry, but reaching for fruits, vegetables, and carbs may not be the most long-lasting choice. While necessary, those foods are burned more easily and can leave you with cravings shortly after your meal. Protein leaves you feeling fuller, longer. This makes it a perfect addition to any work out plan.

Don't fret, raw eggs are not the only way to incorporate protein into your diet. Come to think of it- eating raw eggs isn't really a great idea to begin with. Cooked protein is a much better option. Cooked lean protein is your best option. During your meals, opt for poultry, fish, egg whites, or vegetable protein (beans, whey, etc). They contain less fat, but still provide all the protein-packed benefits. Try to have a protein snack within thirty minutes after your workouts for the most muscle boosting power. And if you do take a page out of Rocky's playbook, opt for running the stairs but maybe pass on the eggs. There are plenty of other options out there.