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Tip of the Week: Facebook, P.I.

Just about everyone has a Facebook account these days: yourself, your friends, your family. But don't forget there are other people out there in the land of Facebook. This is not about the random kid that sends you a friend request. These are people that you may know of, even people you may have met. These people are your teachers, your admissions officers, and your future employers.

The ability to use Facebook to find others does have its perks. It's a great way to stay in touch with people you may not interact with otherwise. What's important to remember, is that admissions departments and employers have caught on to Facebook hunting. It's a free private investigator for anyone that wants to learn more about you - and you are the one supplying all the information! Do you know what your Facebook says about you?

Protect your privacy. Facebook offers fairly extensive privacy settings that allow you to hide different content from different people. Periodically check in on who you are letting see certain things. Are your photos visible to friends of friends? What if your friend is friends with one of your professors who happens to stumble on that picture from last week's keg stand. Would you want them to see that? And what about those random friend requests? Do you check into them, or simply click accept? Many employers will create fake accounts and friend applicants, simply to get more information. This is completely legal as you are the one accepting them into your personal profile.

With social networking sites like Facebook, your profile is your chance to show who you are, what you enjoy doing, and with what activities you are associated. Don't put anything out there that you wouldn't want to come back to haunt you. Once its on the internet, it can be there forever. Be careful of who you allow into your online world and don't put yourself into compromising situations. It's your future, put your best Facebook forward.