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Tip of the Week: Eat This, Not That

With the introduction of KFC's new Double Down, you may experience an internal struggle between your taste buds and your cardiovascular system. This fried-chicken-as-bread sandwich boasts a 540 calorie count. While the image of this sandwich certainly seems to match the calorie content, what you may not know is that the Big Mac actually contains the exact same number of calories. When you bite into a tasty treat from your favorite fast-food joint, the amount of calories, fat, sodium, or cholesterol may be the last thing on your mind. While there's nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence, there are always healthier options available.

When choosing your next quick meal, there are a few swaps that can help ease the impact on your health. While chicken may seem like a healthier option, fried breading can often increase the fat content to a much higher amount than a broiled burger. A good rule of thumb is grilled over fried. Grilled chicken or grilled steak contain a lot of protein, without a lot of added fat. Another trick is to increase the veggies and decrease the condiments. Vegetables not only add nutrients, but also add fiber that helps ease digestion. If you focus on moderation, choose a kid's meal. The portions are smaller, but you can still enjoy all your favorite tastes . Don't forget to watch what you drink as well. Many coffee drinks can pack a ton of carbohydrates and calories into your day. Check out
some other ways to swap in healthier choices.

Subway, Starbucks, and even your beloved Chipotle all have nutrition information available online. If you want to be informed of what you're eating before ordering, information is just a click away!