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Stressbuster Sound-off!

Considering this is a health blog, I think I'll preface this entry with a disclaimer: Chocolate, like all things, should be used in moderation. That said, chocolate is WONDERFUL. Especially dark chocolate. Sometimes the best thing to do, as a reward for a stressful week (or maybe for making it to Wednesday), is to buy a very nice chocolate bar, break it in half, and stash one half in the fridge. Wrap yourself up in warm, fuzzy blankets and watch a movie. Make the chocolate bar last for the whole movie. The movie should be fluffy, funny, and happy. It should either be something you've seen before, or it should include an actor who never disappoints. Do not be ashamed of the movie you pick. Nothing helps me take a load off like some cathartic, unabashed ridiculousness. Or a guilty pleasure- a romantic comedy you know could never happen in real life, or something you used to watch over and over again in high school.

Once in a while, it's great to indulge all the way. If you can set aside a two-hour block once a week for this, do it. Don't try to do homework at the same time. Don't invite people who might make fun of you for your movie choice or what you laugh at. In fact, don't invite people at all. Just make it you-time.

And if this is the only time you binge on chocolate, then you're doing extremely well.

--Garvi Sheth, Stressbusters Co-coordinator

But that's not the only you way you can relax. Each week, Stressbusters offer FREE 5-minutes massages to students! Come to Q-level of the library every Monday from 8-10 to check out Stressbuster's Mellow Out Mondays!