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WANTED: Peer Health Educatiors!


PEEPs Peer Health Educators are now accepting applications for new members!

What can you gain from PEEPs?

EXPERIENCE: gain valuable public health and leadership experience. Learn directly from campus experts. Develop useful skills and knowledge for the future. Great resume booster!

OUTREACH: Increase Homewood student awareness of various health issues through tabling, group collaboration, awareness campaigns, social marketing, and events.

EDUCATION: Prepare and present fun and interactive health education programs to on-campus populations. Utilize public speaking, presentation, and communication skills.

All undergraduates and majors are welcome to apply!

To learn more, or to apply, visit http://jhu.edu/health/peeps.html.
Applications due by April 3rd to Levering 115 or emailed to bgwinn1@jhu.edu