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Tip of the Week: Alleviating Allergies

You may soon notice some itchy eyes and runny noses as allergy season comes into full bloom in Baltimore. Even though the warm weather is a welcome change from winter, the flowers and trees bring a whole new reason to reach for the tissue box. As the Benadryl and Clariton packs start flying from the shelves, there are some other home remedies you can try that have been found to be very effective among allergy sufferers.

While it may not be possible to avoid exposure to allergens, there are ways to limit it. Wear sunglasses to block pollen from eyes and keep your windows shut. If you're one of the unfortunates without air conditioning and closed windows are not an option, consider an air purifier to filter out allergens flowing in from the outdoors. If you've spent a lot of time outside, take a nice long shower afterward. The steam will help open your nasal passages, plus you'll be rinsing off any residue that could transfer to your sheets and room.

If avoiding the allergens didn't work and you start to feel the effects, eyedrops or a warm washcloth can help ease the itchiness and puffiness of eyes often associated with allergies. You can also try a neti-pot. This device looks like a small teapot. You fill it with a saline solution and while leaning forward, pour the solution in one nostril until it drains out the other side. This flushes your sinuses of any mucus or trapped particles that can be causing your sinus pain or pressure. It can also help to prevent sinus infections from developing. Symptoms of sinus infections include headaches, nasal pressure, stuffy or runny nose, and facial pain that do not go away for several days, even with OTC medication. If you suspect a sinus infection, visit the Student Health and Wellness Center for treatment. Simply call 410-516-8270 to schedule an appointment.