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Stressbuster Sound-off!

Looking for a way to Mellow Out this Monday?
Take a tip from a Stressbuster:

As a Senior at Hopkins sometimes I need a mini-vacation. Even a 5 minute vacation can be absolutely amazing. If nothing else is available, I listen to relaxing music.

Here are some of my suggestions for a mini music vacation:

-Listen to a song from the early 90s. The tackier, the better. It's the quickest way to take you back to childhood- especially if you're playing with Play-Doh at the same time.

-Listen to theme songs of shows you used to watch during less-stressful times in your life. I like the Pinky and the Brain, Ducktales, and Tiny Toons theme songs the best.

-Or make a playlist of speedruns of video games you used to play as a kid. I love listening to the entire soundtrack of Super Mario World. It's especially nice if it's a game you've beaten multiple times- it'll energize you into beating the big bosses lurking in your problem set.

-Some people swear by classical or jazz. I don't, personally. But a lot of people do.

-And, of course, no one can remain stressed out for long when listening to Bob Marley!

Mini music vacations are great because there's an endpoint. Keep it to one song, or two. Then you can go right back to work.

--Garvi Sheth, Stressbusters Co-coordinator--

But that's not the only you way you can relax. Each week, Stressbusters offer FREE 5-minutes massages to students! Come to Q-level of the library every Monday from 8-10 to check out Stressbuster's Mellow Out Mondays!