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Video: Stop the Spread!


STI Awareness Animation from Digital Media Center on Vimeo.

Created by JHU students during "Animating Behavior Change", a 3-week course taught in January 2010 by the Digital Media Center, and the Center for Health and Wellness, with assistance from Public Health Studies department.


Anonymous said...

"She's no angel either"???

Being a virgin does not equal morally pure or good.

Having had sex does not mean morally wrong or dirty.

Always use condoms is a good message to send, but don't conflate the act of having sex with bad, horrible behavior.

CHEW at JHU said...

While we cannot speak directly on the behalf of the creators of this clip, we do want to address if any offense was taken.
This euphemistic phrase was intended to point out no one gender is more or less sexually active than another and that both men and women are responsible for their own sexual health practices. No moral judgment was intended. The message of this clip was strictly to point out the importance of protection, especially if you have multiple partners, in order to prevent the spread of STIs.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for addressing my concern.

I just wanted to point out that language matters. There is the false myth of the virgin/whore dichotomy, and using language that supports that state of the world is problematic, to say the least.

Young people today, women especially, are already subjected to so much negative language surrounding sexual activity. Language that emphasizes a sex positive attitude can boost self esteem as well as increase safe sex practices.

People who are not ashamed of their actions are more likely to take a proactive stance on using various forms of birth control. Foster a positive attitude, not a negative one.