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SEE for Yourself on Monday!

SEE Tip: This week, improve interpersonal communication and reduce stress by getting more sleep! In a recent study, sleep deprivation was associated with lower scores on Total EQ (decreased global emotional intelligence), Intrapersonal functioning (reduced self-regard, assertiveness, sense of independence, and self-actualization), Interpersonal functioning (reduced empathy toward others and quality of interpersonal relationships), Stress Management skills (reduced impulse control and difficulty with delay of gratification), and Behavioral Coping (reduced positive thinking and action orientation). Killgore WD, Kahn-Greene ET, Lipizzi EL, Newman RA, Kamimori GH, Balkin TJ. Sleep deprivation reduces perceived emotional intelligence and constructive thinking skills. Sleep Med. 2007 Aug 29.

Learn more about sleep tonight!
Come to Sleep Deprivation 101 and learn from an expert panel on sleep: Dr. Linda Gorman, Dr. Samer Hattar, and Dr. Richard Allen.
Remsen 101; 6-8 p.m. (Sponsored by SEE for yourself on Monday)

Quit on Monday from HKB: Unsure of how to curb the cravings? Think of ways to fill the physical void of cigarettes by substituting items with a similar payoff. If you are used to having something in your hands, keep silly putty or paper clips in your pocket. You can play with them to keep your hands occupied instead of reaching for a cigarette. Used to the oral fixation? Try gum, lollipops, or fireballs. Not only will this keep your mouth busy, but it's been found that the mint from gum can curb menthol cravings, and cinnamon can recreate the burn that many find soothing from cigarettes. All these tools are available through HKB Quit Kits. Email hopkinskicksbutts@gmail.com for more information!

Minimize Monday: When every household in the America trades their 25oz. bottle of petroleum-based liquid dish soap in for a 25oz. plant-derived liquid dish soap, such as Seventh Generation liquid dish soap, Americans will save 129,000 barrels of oil. If that sounds like a huge amount of oil, you’re right! It’s enough to heat 7,400 American homes for a year! Make the change that will make a difference. Click here to learn more about Seventh Generation plant derived products. Brought to you by the Sustainability Office. Join the Sustainable Hopkins listserv and receive weekly updates on sustainability related events and announcements: https://lists.johnshopkins.edu/sympa/info/sustainable_hopkins