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In the News: Health Care Reform

Love it or hate it, the newly passed health care reform has sparked heated debate nationwide. While many consider this a victory for human rights and health, others question the constitutionality of the bill, many are concerned about what it means for the future of their health care, and some are left confused or in the dark about many of the provisions. Whether you are in support or in opposition of this new law, it is important to be informed. Linked below is the full text of the Reconciliation Act of 2010.

What are your thoughts on this act? Here's your chance to sound off. We want to hear your questions, concerns, and support. We do ask that you keep your opinions respectful and appropriate. Any defamatory, derogatory, or explicit comments will not be posted. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone's opinion deserves respect.

Link to full text: http://www.opencongress.org/house_reconciliation


CHEW at JHU said...

Health Care Reform and College Health – Update

Last evening, the United States Senate, and subsequently the House of Representatives, approved the final amendments to the health care reform bill that was earlier passed on March 21, 2010, clearing the way for President Obama’s final signature on national health reform legislation. These final steps represent the culmination of over a year of drafting, negotiation and amending of one of the most significant pieces of health care legislation in our country’s history. The American College Health Association (ACHA), along with several partner associations, has been actively monitoring, analyzing and advocating on behalf of the collective interests of our students and college health.

The advocacy efforts of ACHA and its partners have resulted in language in the bill that will preserve the ability of our colleges and universities to continue to provide our students with access to quality university sponsored health plans that so many of our students rely upon. A “rule of construction” was included in the bill to support that legislative intent.

Additional advocacy efforts have focused on protecting the ability of college health insurance plans to continue to benefit from the “group price” rating that has been essential to maintaining affordability of many of our college health insurance plans. Because of the way in which group coverage is defined in the legislation, it is not crystal clear that college plans would continue to be group-rated; however, we believe that the “rule of construction” establishes that intent, and it will play a critical role as the administrative rules are developed in preparation for implementation.

ACHA will continue to analyze the final legislation to further understand its impact to our environment. Many of its provisions will not go into effect until 2014; however, ACHA will continue its vigilant advocacy efforts as we enter the implementation phase of health care reform. We look forward to contributing to the development of the administrative rules and any subsequent technical amendments to the health care reform legislation.

-American College Health Association